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Professional Supervision

Professional Supervision provides an opportunity for those in management and leadership roles to reflect on and develop their leadership competencies and strategies. Supervision can support the individual by reviewing work in a fresh environment with and unbias, supportive and independent practitioner. A supervision session can give fresh eyes to an old problem and help work through sticking points with a new, clear strategic approach.

Supervision is not only of benefit to the individual but also to the rest of the team who quickly notice the positive knock-on effects of this type of support. When a manager has regular supervision, there is usually less staff turnover from stress, more effective team practices, less conflict and more productive and cohesive teamwork. 

Supervision can enable you to: 

  • Explore your ideas- the new, bold or simply undeveloped.
  • Receive feedback and guidance about decisions and work that may be of concern. 
  • Acknowledge and handle workplace feelings of frustration, failure and success. 
  • Develop professional skills and practices.