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Partners in Wellbeing

On-Site Staff Support

Our flagship model of support ensures that your team is supported across their whole wellbeing journey. Firstly, through our preventative On-Site Staff Support presence and then through our Follow-on Wellbeing Service (Employee and Management). This ensures that we have the system and experience to catch employees at both the pre-emptive stage of support or in a more acute stage of distress.

If you chose to become an On-Site partner, you will have access to a trained wellbeing practitioner (Staff Supporter) regularly attending your place of work and supporting your employees with any personal or professional wellbeing challenge that may arise. This option also supports management by allowing them to maintain healthy workplace boundaries and feel supported in difficult management situations or workplace conflict. 

This option ensures that workplace issues and worries are caught early and prevented from becoming bigger management challenges. In our experience, 97% of issues can be resolved with your Staff Supporter, however, if an employee does need further assistance, they will be connected to and able to access our Follow-on Employee Wellbeing Services. This partnership option also enables managers to access the Follow- on Management Wellbeing Services which include Training, Critical Incident Response and Professional Supervision.  


Becoming an On-Site partner will:

  • Provide ready access to regular on-site, professional support.
  • Provide ready access to all Follow-on Employee Wellbeing Services.
  • Provide ready access to all Follow-on Management Wellbeing Services.
  • Provide access to Counselling and other wellbeing services quicker than other providers (Our usual wait time is two weeks compared to a national average of six weeks).
  • Provide timely reporting on service usage.
  • Keep your staff at work and aligned to business values whilst allowing them to address issues.
  • Reinforce your business' duty of care and links employees to full wellbeing support
  • Support management in maintaining healthy management boundaries

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"Our Workplace Support Staff Supporter was Amazing at a time of high stress and disfunction, she listened and bought to the table expertise and strategies to help monitor behaviour and increase team functioning. She even ran a sesssion for the unit and following this, positive behaviour changes were noted….and continue to this day. Also, she is just a kind, caring person who checks in on us and our wellbeing- it’s so helpful to know that someone cares. She always has time to spend with you and listen. It was probably this service, as a new manager, that have me the confidence to deal with very challenging staff and actually remain in this role, the help I received was invaluable. Your support through this service has been amazing, it really makes a difference. My staff have also made use of this service and been supported through challenge. The ability to remain impartial but kind and caring is of true value in the betterment of the team." Julie Dockrill, Manager Ashburton CDHB


"Helped me to deal with a broad range of work and life issues. The visiting staff at our site are highly professional and knowledgeable, listened to all my problems and guided me to the right pathway. I couldn't have thanked enough for this service. People ( employee) are the most valuable assets to the organization. It is important to consistently promote employee mental health wellbeing as a workplace culture." - Organisation Manager uitilisng our staff support service 2021

"I myself have utilised this service over the past years as well as referred many of my staff / team members. The availability of this service is irreplaceable and having the workplace team making the ‘rounds’ where staff can connect, is invaluable. There have been many many successful stories utilising this service. The campus needs the continuation of workplace support as indeed does the CDHB. Whilst other services are out there - that is the key term 'out there' - unknown face which some people may prefer, others have built up a rapport and feel safe talking to the workplace support team. There is a sense of trust and visibility and availability that can only be built up over time." -Jo Townsend, Organisation Manager uitilisng our staff support service 2021

"This service plays an essential role in supporting my staff through the challenges of this complex work space with issues of interpersonal relations , work environment, professional journeys and supporting professional fatigue. Without them and their advise, I would see significantly higher levels of stress and resignation. They offer practical solution based advise and partner well with managers to support their staff. 100% would recommend them in their role here. They contribute to the wellbeing of my staff and support me to support them in their workspace area." -Organisation Manager uitilisng our staff support service 2021