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Critical Incident Response

In the event of a critical incident happening in your workplace where a number of employees may be impacted, our specially trained staff can respond immediately and support with crisis management. Our CISM trained team can be on site to help manage the situation as soon as needed and can talk you through what response is appropriate for the incident. This may look like defusing or debriefing for the group affected or one to one support for any individuals needing further, or more in-depth assistance.

Features include:
  • Immediate phone response and support
  • Support planning the appropriate response
  • Team available on site
  • Follow-up support


"Following a critical client incident within the workplace Workplace Support made themselves available within 24 hours to provide involved staff with the opportunity to debrief. The debrief was clearly and expertly managed by the two WPS staff so that the recounting of the event allowed strengths to be recognised, provided a cohesive frame for the event, and avoided providing fuel for emotional distress to arise.

One staff member commented that it was the best critical incident debrief they had experienced in many years of practice. Another commented that while they had conducted debriefings in the past it was a gratifying change to be included in a process conducted by an external agency.

The opportunity for additional personal support was explicitly offered as a part of the debrief process with contact details being provided to facilitate this.

The Workplace Support debrief was complemented by further arrangements that gave formalised attention to the spiritual needs of staff. Paying attention to the full spectrum of need following the crisis has proven to be beneficial to staff and agency alike." -Critical Incident Response 2021