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Partners in Wellbeing


In our experience, organisations that prioritise and commit to the long-term upskilling of their teams, managers and leaders, are able to successfully create a culture of learning and receptivity when it comes to wellbeing. We can support your staff, managers or mental health advocates to learn the skills and confidence needed to:

  • Pick up on individual wellbeing red flags amongst colleagues.
  • Approach all workplace wellbeing conversations with a balance of sensitivity and pragmatism.
  • Develop an understanding of the wellbeing assistance available to the organisation and how to connect employees to the appropriate support service.
  • Reduce bullying, harassment or discrimination type behaviours in the workplace and understand where their normal management duties fit alongside this.  
  • Create a positive and thriving workplace culture for all.

All our training modules have been created to help organisations achieve their wellbeing goals, talk to us today about our training offer and how training could work for you.