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Partners in Wellbeing

On-Call Support

According to the most recent snapshot from the Health Promotion agency into Wellbeing and Mental Distress in Aotearoa (2016), 80% of New Zealanders had personal experience of mental distress or knew someone who had. The need for mental health support in New Zealand is at an all-time high, which is also reflected in the growing nationwide demand for counselling and other mental health services.

Through our On-Call partnership option, we can assist both your employees and management team with access to consistent, quality wellbeing support. Our Employee Wellbeing Services such as Counselling, Financial Guidance & Planning, and Career Direction, allow your team to be professionally supported in a safe environment.

Whilst our Management Wellbeing Services such as Training, Professional Supervision and Critical Incident Response allow your managers to be fully supported in difficult circumstances or upskilled to feel confident in the wellbeing space.

This option includes the assurance of knowing your employees self-refer for support via our 0800 phone line.

Becoming an On-Call partner will provide:

  • Ready access to all Employee Wellbeing Services (incl. Counselling, Financial Guidance & Planning, and Career Direction).
  • Ready access to all Management Wellbeing Services (incl. Training, Critical Incident Response, Professional Supervision, and more).
  • Access to Counselling and other wellbeing services quicker than other providers (Our usual wait time is two weeks compared to a national average of six weeks).
  • Reinforces your business' duty of care.

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