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Counselling gives individuals the safe space, acknowledgment and strategies to face life's tougher challenges. We've faced unprecedented levels of stress and change this year and attending counselling is a key way of keeping yourself mentally healthy and sound during this time. It is also a great way to help set strong wellbeing foundations for future success. 

Our highly experienced team of counsellors are on hand to guide you or your staff members through a brief intervention course of sessions, where we can assist with a number of issues, personally or professional. Individuals can bring any challenge into this space with the assurance that it will be handled in a safe and supportive way. This is a confidential and independent service.

Counselling can assist in helping an individual:
  • Gain perspective over choices when problems feel overwhelming.
  • Understand feelings of depression and anxiety alongside the coping and healing strategies available.
  • Overcoming addictive patterns of behaviour and rediscover purpose and balance in life.
  • Learn safe ways of dealing with and healing strong emotions such as anger, grief or sadness.
  • Develop healthy, loving and meaningful relationships.
  • Turn big life changes such as ill-health, mid-life crisis, empty nesting and retirement, into discovery and growth.


"I am feeling so much better after just one session." 

"Thank you, I am finding the process of supportive counselling extremely helpful personally and professionally. It is rewarding and I am starting to feel empowered by learning new approaches."

"Two sessions had helped me work through what I needed and feel a lot lighter and confident in facing the challenges ahead. Great understanding!" 

"Exceptional Practitioner, I am so grateful for the support." 

-Counselling feedback 2021