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Partners in Wellbeing

Dedicated Staff Support

Our flagship service is designed to support your employees on an ongoing basis through a dedicated Staff Support practitioner. Our Staff Supporters are trained to prevent day-to-day issues escalating into more serious or long-term workplace matters. Our aim is to build rapport on location, over time with employees, so that they feel comfortable to engage a Staff Supporter about any work or personal matter that may be affecting them. This is a service where employees can discuss wellbeing issues independently and are encouraged to focus on creating positive strategies to move forward with.

Having these early, trusted conversations can help an employee stay at work (instead of taking sick leave), carry on with their duties more effectively and keep them supported by a trained and trusted practitioner. In our experience, we find that most matters (up to 97%) can be worked through in the Staff Support space. Our highly experienced team have the knowledge, training, and experience to deal with a range of issues and will be ready to assist wherever needed to encourage health and wellbeing amongst your teams.

Regular access to a Staff Supporter provides:
  • A process and space for addressing matters
  • Independent and confidential guidance
  • Strategies that lead to positive outcomes and uphold your business values
  • Keeps your staff at work whilst allowing them to address issues
  • Reinforces your business' duty of care and links employees to full wellbeing support
  • Maintains healthy management boundaries

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“What I’ve found most useful, is that I am safe in the knowledge that my Workplace Support Staff Supporter has got it covered. This is a service that puts out fires before they get out of control, and I know my employees have a safe place where they can discuss and resolve whatever they need to. I wasn’t sure if we’d need the service when I first took on the business but having a regular Staff Supporter on site allows me to run my business in full trust that my staff’s wellbeing is in experienced and highly capable hands, I wouldn’t be without it. I highly recommend partnering with Workplace Support.” Justin Vaudrey, Business owner


"Our Workplace Support Staff Supporter was amazing at a time of high stress and dysfunction, she listened and brought to the table expertise and strategies to help monitor behaviour and increase team functioning. She even ran a session for the unit and following this, positive behaviour changes were noted….and continue to this day. Also, she is just a kind, caring person who checks in on us and our wellbeing- it’s so helpful to know that someone cares. She always has time to spend with you and listen. It was probably this service, as a new manager, that gave me the confidence to deal with very challenging staff and actually remain in this role, the help I received was invaluable. Your support through this service has been amazing, it really makes a difference. My staff have also made use of this service and been supported through challenge. The ability to remain impartial but kind and caring is of true value in the betterment of the team." Julie Dockrill, Manager Ashburton CDHB