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Therapeutic Counselling



For Individuals, Couples and Families

Is about helping people through life events and life crises. It does not mean mental illness. It is about seeking help or guidance in your life. It is about finding what's right for you in your situation.


Workplace Support counselling is provided by trained, accredited professionals, psychologists or counsellors who have a range of specialties including grief, loss, relationships, drug/alcohol, gambling, anger, violence etc.

The service is completely confidential and independent. 


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Therapeutic Counselling can assist:

  • discovering choices and personal power when problems feel overwhelming

  • sharing private information and stories of pain and suffering

  • understanding depression; healing and growing from loss and grief; re-experiencing hope and joy

  • overcoming addictive patterns of behaviour

  • learning safe ways of dealing with strong emotions such as anger

  • becoming the type of parent you want to be

  • developing healthy, loving and meaningful relationships

  • turning life changes, such as ill-health, mid-life crisis, empty nesting and retirement, into discovery and growth

  • creating purpose and balance