Inter-Church Trade & Industry Mission (ITIM)

Workplace Support is the trading name of Inter-Church Trade and Industry Mission (ITIM). The mission began in New Zealand in 1965 when Church Leaders gave a small group of ministers the authority to go out and develop ministry that embraced laity, who would work ecumenically to bring about a better environment in the workplaces of Aotearoa New Zealand.  The mission to support people in the workplace and to provide employee assistance throughout New Zealand was developed on the expertise gained by Owen Kitchingman who provided chaplaincy to the people working on the Manapouri Power project in the late 1960’s.  With the completion of the Manapouri Power Project, Owen Kitchingman moved to Christchurch where an NCC Committee called together a group of interested people from Church and Industry to look at the formation of an industrial mission.

Today Workplace Support, which is a not for profit organisation, continues this Christian based ministry in a visionary way by providing professional Employee Assistance Programmes, including On-Site Staff Support, Counselling Services, Critical Incident Responses, Professional Supervision, Education and Training plus other specialist services relevant to the current business environment.  Workplace Support partners with businesses to assist them with both employee and organisational wellbeing.

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